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any locals bands play slow shoegazer...........

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Guest Les Stroszek

We (Stroszek) are influenced by bands like Galaxie 500, Couteau Twins, The Cure and Lush as well as minimal electro like Kraftwerk. It didn't really show up on our early demos which is up on our Myspace site but we have been going down that road for a wee while now. Quite a lot of our songs are slow! You should check us out!

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"sadly" that genre is fully dead up here i think.

well I think Delawair have a strong feel of slow shoegazy about them, a band that

really went past me until the last time I saw them, when they blew me out the water

(no I have no connection)

imp are putting on things in herds (fence records) in later March & they are certainly

crossover Nick Drake meets shoegazer

& then in May we have this amazing Canadian (tbc)................................can't say too much

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