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Akai MPC Samplers/Sequencers


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Anyone working with these?

Ive done a lot of hardware sequencing on Alesis and Roland kit and done some sampling on an older s1000 Akai sampler....will this experience be any use on an MPC?

Im hacked off with the drawbacks of PC based sampling/sequencing etc

so Im thinking about doing some new stuff with an Akai MPC4000 (as used by Dr Dre!)

Has anyone got one and can offer any tips?

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Guest lime ruined my life

i've played with one in the shop for about half an hour or so. I think that pc based sampling is much easier. the lcd display on the mpc, and the navigation of menus are far too constricting.

it'd probably take just as long/longer to do anything on an mpc than it would on a computer with decent software.

if you want to make your computer easier to use, invest in some midi assignable pads/knobs/faders.

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Horses for courses or whatever PC Versus Hardware.

Ive done the PC based thing (with a load of midi <controllers and modules> hooked up) for a while thinking it was an advancement over dedicated hardware, and it is in a lot of ways it is, especially making less work for the operator and giving you more (too many???) options - but not in all ways. For me I work better and more intuitively with the hardware for some intangible reason. The feel is completely different and the work methods are very different. Sound is different too. I find screen based working a bit too visual, plus I sit at a PC all day at work, the last thing I wanna do is sit at another one when I get home.

I found that people consider the AKAI sequencer to be as way better unit than the Roland ones so Im looking forward to getting into that side of it.

Ill still be using the PC for runing Wavelab for sample editing and maybe mastering finished stuff and also still use Nuendo for capturing live vocal takes prior to editing. I utterly detest VST synths though, and find linking PC sequencers to my hardware synths a real fuck on. Never had any hassle with Hardware tho. OR crashes.

The MPC4000 is a USB host so for file transfer and file handling it will interface with perfectly with the PC, to edit, file and access the samples easily. Thats what PCs are good at imo.

Too late now anyhow, to redesign and re-invest in my PC based recording suite (which is pretty good (Emu audio/midi interface into Nuendo) - the MPC4000 arrives this week with a pile of dirty sample vinyls from the states. (The MPC has phono jacks on the back so will live happily next to me deck yo!)

Plus for gigging, I still would never trust a laptop. MPC will go where I go generally.

I think for original Hip Hop, Junk Reggae and any modern R&B styles (or anything with robotic tight syncopation) the MPC is gonna do the job and by all accounts has the perfect sound and feel to do those styles properly. PCs are way more versatile user freindly jack of all trades but thats not what Im looking for.

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a bit more fun than sitting a fecking PC for sure

its as intuitive at looks too once youve sussed the controls, Ive used a really basic sampler in the past and got the same kind of results by stealing a Bootsy Collins riff, adding a beat and sticking a loop of Burt Baccarach sax over the top.....but on a non automated manually triggered sampler (AKAI remix16).....looks much easier if theres a sequencer holding the samples together than f*ck

the vids have actually answered a lot of my questions so thanks min! :gringo:

*disappears for 48 hours to read the manual*

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I strongly suggest you have a good look at Rolands MPV sampler/workstation. Its basically and MPC4000 but is really way more advanced. It seriously leaves the MPC range standing and was built to poach Akai users over to Roland which they are very good at doing. The MPC4000 sounds quite sterile and it has lost the charm of the MPC 60/1000/3000 sound and feel (very important). The rolands convertors (as always) sound excellent and very warm.

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