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Guitar Building....


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So, I'm building a Telecaster. Custom made body from the states. Yus!

Here's an update on progress. Today I decided on colour and stained the body. I'm gonna start my nitro coating on sunday and that will really bring out the finish.

For those of you who care, or are indeed interested on how I got that finish, I covered the cap of the body with black stain, sanded it back(leaving some of it in the grain) then added the red. The pics don't really do it justice. The lacquer will really bring out that quilted maple.

The black faux binding was an accident. A good one though





Thanks very much for looking :)

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That's awesome dude!

All maple body?

Did you carve it or buy it from Warmoth or what?

Loving the finish - red quilt tops always do it for me :)

What's your plans for electronics? What pickups' date=' control layout etc.? Hardware colour?

Again, awesome man!


Thanks for the comments.

The body is Quilted Maple on Alder. I bought it on eBay and had the guy do some extra work on it for me. Cost me 75!!

Hardware colour will be chromes, controls will be 2x volume 2x tone 3-way in upper body(like a Les Paul basically), I've got a Kent Armstrong Motherbucker for the neck(27.5K output for you geeks!) and a GFS Boutique 59 for the neck.

Once I get the clear coats on... that thing will look the shit!

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Me too but I wouldnt know where to start. Anyway' date=' guitar lessons are my priority for the next wee while.[/quote']

ive just bought a "how build your own electric guitar" cdrom from ebay for the massive sum of 2.50, hopefully that willl tell me all i need to know. Theres plenty of online tutorials too.

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Good idea this thread...I might steal your idea for my guitar and take some photos.

Of course its a good idea. If you're gonna build something, you may as well make a log of how you got your way through it all.

Thanks for the comment Dan, was gonna put a note on your myspazz, but couldn't be assed, I hate HTML :gringo:

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Newsflash. Gonna put on my last coats of clear finish today then I'm leaving this thing to settle for 2-3weeks. I'm mega surprised at how much of a glass finish is on this thing already. Can't wait to get it polished up and strung up!



In the second pic, I just noticed a little pooling of lacquer near the front pickup cavity. I'll be sorting that this afternoon.

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