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fao. singer/bassman


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hello mangu sirs.

how would you guys feel about playing a gig in the summertime in the great outdoors?

details are just a sketch in my notebook at the moment, but it looks promising so far.

interest from deadloss mf superstar to play. also trying to get in touch with radio lucifer to no avail.

if your interested please let me know either with a reply here , pm or carrier pigeon.

if you'd like to see what your getting yourself in for see http://spaces.msn.com/tensium/

theres some music and short bio there.

(p.s, my apologies to you mr singer/bassman but i have forgotten your name. i went to college with you last year. was in ms2. guy with a blue mohawk/leather jacket at the time. play drums)

as they say in aberdeen, 'cheers min.'


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