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Acoustic Pick-Ups

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Guest DustyDeviada

The Fishman soundhole ones tend to be pretty good.

All I know is the piezo ones that come fitted under the bridge of most electros sound horrible and nothing like a real acoustic.

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Fishman. Nothing else.

There are some really good soundhole pickups. Problem is, they're really expensive, and a lower quality one will make your smokey toned acoustic sound like a Fender Telecaster.

I installed a Fishman piezo crystal pickup in the bridge of my Yamaha, and it works a charm. Aesthetically it's the best choice, and it only cost about 80 quid. Main problem with these is you need to actually drill into your guitar to feed the cable through the bridge and then solder some stuff. If you're not confident enough, you're gonna need to pay somebody else.

If you don't mind the risk, I'd say the piezo.

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Guest lime ruined my life

i've always thought a mix of peizo's and soundholes, eq's and preamps might work well.

also, i've heard a good mix of 2 microphones, one places near the 12th fret and one near the soundhole works well.

peavey also do a tele style guitar that has an acousticy peizo under the bridge, which you could manipulate with eq's and acoustic sim pedals to sound more realistic.

a good mix of microphones and good acoustic is probably the only answer for pure tone though.

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