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Marshall VS65 Combo for sale

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Marshall VS65 2 channel 1x12 combo for sale

65 Watt Valvestate power stage into 1x12" speaker.

ECC83 [12AX7] pre-amp valve active on both channels.

Two seperate channels 'Clean' and 'Overdrive'.

Treble, Middle and Bass controls plus Tone Shift switch for tonal options on the

Clean channel.

Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass and dramatic Contour control on the Overdrive channel.

Built-in spring Reverb.

Headphone jack [which mutes the internal speaker].

Line Out jack for connection to external equipment.

the amp is used but in very good condition. only gigged a couple of times and has been largely unused for the last few years.

it is great as either a bettter quality practice amp or for gigs.

it is in glasgow just now but i can get it up to aberdeen or even to edinburgh no problem.


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having played both the mg series and the valvestate amps i think the valvestate stuff is far better...the valvestate doesnt sound so artificial

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