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element 106

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from a website :


ELEMENT 106, WHICH WAS CREATED AT LBL in 1974 and confirmed here last summer, has been named "seaborgium" in honor of Nobel Laureate and LBL Associate Director-at-Large Glenn T. Seaborg. It is the first time an element has been named for a living person.

"This is the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me--even better, I think, than winning the Nobel Prize," said Seaborg, the co-discoverer of plutonium and nine other transuranium elements. "Future students of chemistry, in learning about the periodic table, may have reason to ask why the element was named for me, and thereby learn more about my work." "

so there you go. :gringo:

(edit : i think you should change your name no seaborgium, kind of sounds like a robot made of water)

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Cheers for that man. Yep Element 106 is an actual element. One of my pals recieved a scholarship as part of his Medicine degree and this involved a trip to San Francisco. He actually met the guy who created E106.

This means that Dr Chris Wilkie didnt invent it.:laughing::)

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