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im quite surprised that they announced that those bands we're playing before announcing any others... tis not much to go on..

apart from the prodigy im assuming that neither bullet for my valentine or trivium will be any more than mid-bill anyways..

im really setting my sights on going to reading this year

as it's much easier than going to donningtion - and usually a lot cheaper

so fingers crossed download dont steal all of the good bands..

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you dont think trivium could headline a day now? with all the coverage about them and their set on last years bill? i think they could. even Bullet could get away with it too now you know. both bands have had so much coverage its unreal. i dont really like trivium, and i do quite like bullet BUT they do talk shit in interviews and have lost alot of my respect to be honest. talk about your band and not what a disgusting, misogynist you are/have become. i mean that about both bands.

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Nah, headline acts need to be bigger than Trivium and Bullet - yes, they're popular and will pull in the kids, but you need a more crossover type do (by that I mean cross over into non-Kerrang reading population) - a Metallica, AC/DC etc size band. Tool could probably do it,

Nine Inch Nails too, Green Day, Foos - Trivium and Bullet aren't in that group yet. And they're pish.

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More European festival appearances have been announced for TOOL, including a slot at this year's Reading Festival in England and a scheduled performance at Pinkpop in Holland. The group's schedule is now shaping up as follows:

Apr. 29-30 - Indio, CA @ Coachella Festival

Jun. 2-4 - GER @ Rock am Ring / Rock im Park Festivals

Jun. 3-5 - NETH @ Pinkpop Festival

Jun. 16-18 - Interlaken, SWI @ Greenfield Festival

Jun. 29 - Jul. 2 - Roskilde, DEN @ Roskilde Festival

Jul. 4-8 – NOR @ Quart Festival (to be confirmed)

Aug. 25-27 – Reading, UK @ Reading Festival

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