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underragers at the tunnels


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actually no coz the tunnels have an entertainment licence which mean underagers can come in but only till 11pm. so maybe Jim asked you to leave as it was hitting 11pm

utter pish, thats only if you are not with a responsible aduly, and from what i gather she was with someone over 18 aswell.

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utter pish' date=' thats only if you are not with a responsible aduly, and from what i gather she was with someone over 18 aswell.[/quote']

I'm not too sure, but I think it doesn't matter whether you have an adult with you, under-agers still have to be out by 11.

It's like pub licenses, those under 18 have to be out before 9pm is it? And' that's even if they have an adult with them. I'm sure someone will inform me if I'm on the right lines.

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why is this thread raging on?

A pub/venue has the right to serve/refuse/ask anyone to leave at their own discretion.

End of.

And hopefully end of this thread.

Wishful thinking... it's The Thread That will Never Die.....

All the underagers will be old enough to drink in pubs by the time somebody kills the thread.

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that was funny as fuck, steve just bought it because it was cheap. big jim did threaten to kick him out for it, i was in stitches. They confiscated my plastic battle-axe in moshulu at the dragonforce gig :(

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Well all i have to say after reading 8 pages of pish is...look what happened with the moorings. everyone was pissing and moaning that all gigs are over 18s now, but it was their fault for drinking underage there.

I was at the Glasgow Carling Academy on Tuesday and a complete random came up to us and BEGGED us to buy her a smirnoff ice.

1. That's not going to do anything mate

2. No thanks, I think I'd actually like to see the band I paid however much to see, and so would you. now fuck off.

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I do indeed i have worked in a bar/restraunt, which knew full well they were serving alcohol to underages ( can i just point out that when i worked there the laws were not told to me, and plus i should of even been behind bar as i was only 17 for part of the time i worked there, again it was not told to me that i shouldn't be behind the bar, this was told to me by someone much wiser than i, and if anyone says didnt your parents do anything about it, no they didn't becuase when i started working there, i was only ment to working in the restraunt), i know that the laws and they way they are enforced are getting tougher, which is why i have not bought alcohol for underagers since that night.

The reason i have not bought drink for underagers since that night came a few nights after it, when i had a drunken conversation with someone that owned a pub, and they explained fully why you should not but drink for under 18's, before that i did not realise the full extent of what could to happen to the person/people involved.

So i therefore apologise to any place i have ever bought alcohol for underagers, and therefore putting your business, income, hardwork, blood sweet and tears in danger of being taken away from you.


Hun, just gonna say one thing: WTF is it with you and havin young mates? IF THEY'RE NOT 18 THEN IT'S NOT GONNA WORK lol And stop buying them drink, I'm a barmaid and you don't need yer boss to tell you not to serve underagers, it's common sense. It's illegal for a reason.

I hated it in some private functions, cos you used to get "smartarses" buying their kids drinks, thinking because it's a private function they can do whatever they want... yeah because the law doesnt exist the moment you walk into a funcion eh, "oh look I can murder you cos it's a private function, no worries"... twats.

As a barmaid, well yeah underages were the bane of our lives. I worked in a bar and used to have functions for 18th birthdays, the bouncers did fuck all and with only two staff on we tried everything we could... the stamping of hands and stuff, the buggers ended up rubbing their hands together so the stamp would come off on their mates, or they'd wash off a mark if we stamped the underages.

I was the hated barmaid cos when I collected glasses I took drinks off folk with no ID.

What's worse tho is when the bloody management would take bookings for 18th birthdays whenthe person wasn't actually 18 yet. So when I asked "do you have ID" I would get a bollocking because, and I quote "They'v paid out for the room and DJ... They're getting served!"!

*rant rant rant*

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