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Slutty signposts


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Where I live, up in the north of Scotland, there used to be an age filled of responsibility, most people called the '50's. People would treat each other with the utmost respect and crude, low down humour was really something that only really came about with the binge drinking culture and winos that lived in poverty.

As with everything else in society, however, things change; cultures are constantly adapting to life as it is today, always prepared to become lenient on beliefs in light of the impending future.

And so I noticed recently around where I live that this crude humour is being played in with our everyday lives. Daring, and often outrageous forms of expressing oneself seems paramount amongst a persons goals in today's society up here in The Shire, doing away with the wise old ways of the past as kindness and innocence fall apart to the sinnier side of the modern age.

I aim to show you the extent of this sharp change of trend and the way it has left most of our residence in a total boondoggle!

These pictures will hopefully help you grasp exactly how things have changed around where I live:


Here, as you can see, a classic amusing signpost depicting the age old and ever humorous banana slip drawing.....but things have changed in recent years.


Not only does today's humour make for little sense, but instead of a witty injunction, the comedians of today rely on bizarrities such as this.

A ballet dancer cannot throw an aeroplane, regardless of its size - But to these sign makers, obviously such a trivial fact as this is entirely overlooked.


And here, from the reverse approach to the junction.

Come on, society! The school bus goes this way!


oh ha ha, he's falling over the direction box. Whatever will they think of next?!


So it ends here - A man spanking off his flaccid thudder whilst simultaneously pooping a small, square turd.

Is this really the sort of United Kingdom we want our children growing up in; a country so devoid of taste and manners that even our signs have lurid and graphic images for travellers of the countryside to see wherever they look? It's like the pages of a Jazz mag blown into oppressive proportions and left to be the official replacement of signs in an age bygone....

Does anyone else have sexually explicit road signs blinding them with perverse undertones at every corner?

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