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The Very Best of David Hasselhoff


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When I received this album last weekend, I was expecting a soft rock album par excellence but nothing prepared me for the awesome piece of art that is "The very best of David Hasselhoff".

After listning to the album I sat down and wept. I wept tears of sheer joy as for the first time in my life I felt truly alive. I also wept bitter tears of recrimination for the empty wasteland my life had been before hearing this album.

This album cant be reviewed as mere songs, it should instead be thought of as a series of journeys, emotional and intellectual, which forces the listner to look deep within themselves as well as contemplating their place within the universe.

Consider the greats of world music Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Prokoviev and it is clear to see that Hasselhoff eclipses them all.

Along with the pyramids and the great cathedrals of Europe, this album is truly one of the greatest wonders of human civilisation.


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