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Fudge Awards 2006 - Tickets Onsale Now

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FEBRUARY 25th 2006

Doors Open: 9pm

Show Starts: 9.30pm

The sixth annual celebration of the Northeast's vibrant unsigned music scene, featuring great live acts and the infamous Awards Ceremony where the cream of local talent will be recognised in a number of categories and paraded before their baying fans.

Fudge encourage those attending to make some sartorial effort - kilts, tuxedos and ballgowns are the order of the day!

MY MIND'S WEAPON - A blend of classic metal and modern hardcore injected with melody and a progressive edge, they recently played on the Taste Of Chaos bill at the SECC.

"The cold has obviously got to these young herberts and the only way to warm up is crank out some crazy metal/hardcore hybrid. I've a sneaky feeling they'll do well." - 7/10 Rock Sound.

FICKLE PUBLIC - With an album heading our way on the Smalltown America label, these math-rockers mix Rough Trade pop with Dischord punk and enjoy playing with the likes of Aereogramme, Jetplane Landing and The Alkaline Trio.

THE EDGAR PRAIS - A perfect synthesis of pop and rock featuring former members of the Magdalane Cox and Alyssas Wish, characterised by incredible grooves and muscular drumming. Haul yourselves along early and catch this spectacular start to a fantastic night's entertainment.

Tickets priced the same as last year: 8 (6 concessions & regulars)

Tickets onsale now: http://www.lemontree.org/Music/event.cfm?eventid=2770&tempmonth=2

Further details and 'discussion': http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31292


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there a pretty picture of MMW gone up on the lemon tree site. thay all look so pretty.

people, make sure and buy your ticket before we sell out! go to the lemon tree website (http://www.lemontree.org/Music/event.cfm?eventid=2770&tempmonth=2) and click on 'buy tickets online'.

if you're THINKING of going to this gig, just go. you'll thank me, you'll have a wonderful time. but remember your evening wear :D

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that's what I thought.


I double checked for ya; in their Feb/March mini events mag that came with my tickets, and its 9pm doors open, first band onstage 930pm. Nevermind, still early by far party wise for a Sat nite.8)


first band onstage at 9.30pm.

i thought we're agreed doors were 8pm' date=' but perhaps the lemon tree have decided to lop off an hour of djing at the start.

since the godfather neil johnson is DJing, that's probably a good thing. :D[/quote']

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i'd like to hear a few local bands in the dj mix too' date=' in keeping with the spirit of the night... :D[/quote']

But of course! I have a CD full of local band goodness that I intend to cherry-pick from as the evening progresses. I might even have a Deadloss track in there somewhere. :)

And Type-O is a given. :p

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