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Sat 11th Feb in the Moorings - Fudgenight#69

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Four bands! All of them thoughly good and well worth your attention...







from perth, this two-piece played for us some time ago in dr drakes and were great. they're on tour in feb.

MEXICO. We've been together for what...3, 4 years, and although we've played countless shows to hundreds (must be thousands) of people across the UK, sold around 1200 albums out of the back of my Rover... You know that band that although (musically) no-one can understand why they're not signed, they still manage to act and perform and swan about like they are. Dont get me wrong, we've had a few near misses...the Global Battle of the Bands (3rd place in EUROPE!)... but despite this we still havent achieved world domination. You might think there's a conclusion to this...Oh no, there isn't. Someone...get it...sorted...




from glasgow, a new band to us, they got in contact through myspace and we thought we'd give them a whirl.

The Science are a four piece rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Their music draws upon the melodic aspects of early REM (and occasionally Sigur Ros), combined with the power of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and a love for the physical sciences.



played for us last year in the moorings on a very odd bill with shutter, samurai fury and hot mangu - and impressed us.

Formed by two flatmates - Chris Doherty and Jan Stewart - in 2002, Port of Saints started as some clunky sounding demos recorded in Jan's bedroom. Initially gigged under the name Sin-, named after a Jeff Buckley E.P.



apparently they haven't played since their last fudge apperance, but we like 'em.

The Midnight Noise Collective was formed in 2004 by four mutual friends in Aberdeen, Scotland. TMNC are a melodic rock and roll band, whose sound is built upon guitar driven melodies, and big sounding vocals. Sharing styles with the likes of The Killers, Maiden, Biffy Clyro and Pink Floyd... With their own twist of course.

running order to be confirmed.

first act on 9pm sharp. 4 at the door. over 18's unless by arrangement with the venue - see the Moorings Bar forum for further details on this.

plus! many exotic beverages, sourced from the darkest continents, etc

plus! the karaken dj duo taking you through to close at 1am with a selection of rock, punk, metal and big band - you love it :D

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Guest bluesxman

You never heard of the Spanish tribute act to Sigur Ros????

Oh well, away to spend the evening in the AECC with lots of neds watching Ian Brown that night so won't make it, dammit....

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You never heard of the Spanish tribute act to Sigur Ros????

Oh well' date=' away to spend the evening in the AECC with lots of neds watching Ian Brown that night so won't make it, dammit....[/quote']

A Spanish version of Sigur Ros could possibly be better than Sigur Ros themselves...

Shame you can't come, but I'm sure all the pilled up neds will keep you amused.

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About The One Who Flew:

The List's Top 50 New Talent, 2004

"For those who swoon to Elliott Smith, Belle & Sebastian and Eels, this one's for you" - The Scotsman

"Music of heart-aching loveliness" - Metro

"...these are songs for the hopeful, for the dreamers, for the optimists amongst us..." - friendsoftheheroes.com

theonewhoflew are from Glasgow, Scotland and have been playing together since January 2004. They have played gigs with a wide variety of artists including The National (Beggars Banquet) and Laura Veirs (Nonesuch Records).

In the press, theonewhoflew's music has been compared to Elliott Smith, Belle and Sebastian, Wilco, Bonnie Prince Billy and Eels. Their songs have been played on both BBC Radio Scotland and Beat 106 and the records have been critically-acclaimed in The List, is this music?, Metro and The Scotsman.

theonewhoflew are currently mixing tracks for the forthcoming album, 'Kingston Bridge'.

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