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Iomega are looking for gigs.

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Iomega are looking to play as much gigs as we can in the coming future and were wandering if anybody has any gig slots available in the coming future

Our new CD "...In the storm" will be out of Feb 11th and it would be cool to play a gig in Aberdeen in Febuary.

We have played aberdeen a few times in the last year and had alot of fun each time.

You can listen to our songs @ www.myspace.com/iomegarock

Any Help would be great!!!!!

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10 minutes ago, E.C said:


I know. I literally did this joke the other day by posting the word 'bump' on a thread from about fifteen years ago with 0 posts. 
I had calculated my reply to your post was worded sincerely enough that you'd think I was being serious and therefore respond with something like the above, in turn giving me the opportunity to explain myself. Thus successfully resurrecting a necrothread with our little back and forth. 

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