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Like-Minded Coffin-Dodgers Wantd to Form Band


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Like-Minded Coffin-Dodgers Wanted to Form Band



I'm looking for 30/40-something guys/gals (but age not really a problem) who are interested in forming a band for practicing/jamming with a view to working towards gigging.

Influences are : Zep, Purple, Sabs, Rush, 'Head, AC/DC, Maiden, Stones, SAHB etc...

All instruments welcome and a good vocalist would most certainly be welcome!!!!

I play guitar, but am a good few months away from gigging standard, following a very, very long lay-off.

So, if you are interested in an (initially) low-expectation venture that will help all the participants improve their game, then drop me a pm.


Ps - I can get a drummer if needs be, have access to a cheap hall hire (near Dyce) and - eventually ;) - recording facilities (my tutor is a record producer).

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