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Is anyone else going to post something on here?


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This is a fact-o-rama.

Typo turned stange name...

Our drummer really does love Anistacia.

Adny doesn't actually use Ashdown amps (recording only).

We covered the old lock-up with onions for the back shot.

You_Nazi did the front, with New Found Powers' hand.

No hands were actually hurt in the process of visualising the band name.

Couldn't be arsed scanning the polaroids and layering them, so i stuck them on a PINK carpet.

Photos taken in Henry J Beans one night, a very funny night.

People will write on any body part if fame could be involved.

The sign on the amp reads "You do not have my permission to use this amp, read rule number 3"

We wrote personalised messages on the first 50 CD's, ended up making 50 more.

We royally pissed off the printer because he did 3 shite jobs first.


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