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Your Favourite Short Stories?


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I usually stick to the horror/science fiction genres but anything goes. Some of my all-time faves would be:

Caitlin R.Kiernan - In The Water Works (Birmingham, Alabama 1888)

Ramsey Campbell - No Strings

Stephen King - The Jaunt, The Mist, I am The Doorway,The Man In The Black Suit

Clive Barker - In The Hills: The Cities

Hp Lovecraft - The Whisperer In Darkness

Alastair Reynolds - Diamond Dogs

JG Ballard - The Concentration City,Manhole 69, Track 12,The Singing Statues, Prisoner of the Coral Deep

Edith Nesbitt - Mansize In Marble

MR James - The Mezziotint,The Ash-Tree

Ray Bradbury - The Coffin, A Sound Of Thunder,Dark They Were, and Golden-eyed,The Foghorn,The Finnegan.

Gene Wolfe - The Tree Is My Hat

And loads more i'll never remember by title or author alone.

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In a similar vain to Hog's choice, I'd say some of the stories in Ewan Morrison's recent book THE LAST BOOK YOU READ are great Scottish short stories, especially Fuck Buddy and Re: Your Ad.

George Mackay Brown though is for me the best short story writer ever.

In the horror vein, I think Ramsay Campbell's Being an Angel is a gem, and for ghosty chills AJ Alan's The Dream, TH White's Soft Voices at Passenham and MR James The Stalls of Barchester Catherdral are terrific.

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sorry to cheapen the thread, but this is hilarious:

From: "Todd Jones" <birdman@key.net.au>

Subject: [Pokemon][FanFic][Lime] Misty's unusual Morning 1-3

Rated: R

Note #1: Sorry' date=' no Brock in this one.

Note #2: You might like to know that I *tried* to make this funny.

Misty's Unusual Morning #1

By KoalaKiller

Version: 1.01

It was early in the morning when Misty Hanada woke up from a good

night sleep. As the young red-head trainer layed there still half asleep,

when suddenly she realizes that something warm was on her chest and

wondered what it was. As she slowly unzipped her sleeping bag, the girl

was surprised to see Ash's Pikachu snoozing away on her well developed

breasts. The young teen was wondering on how the hell he got into her

sleeping bag, and on another note, where the hell was Togepi. She first

thought that Ash was playing another joke on her, but looking over at the

boy, she could

tell he didn't put Pikachu there, because she could see Togepi sleeping

soundly in Ash's arms.

Looking back down at the sleeping Pokemon, she decided Pikachu was

getting to cosey and that she should wake him up by using her well

developed lungs.


Hearing Misty's skrieking voice, the cute little pokemon slowly

opened its eyes and looked up at the red-headed girl's face and smiled and


"Pika, Pi, Pika, Pi, Pika" he said.

Sighing, she removed the yellow Pokemon its spot and put it beside

her on the softed grass. Then the girl got out of her nice and warm

sleeping bad and turned to wake up her fellow trainer/friend/future husband

and once again, used those famous lungs of hers.



Moments later, Ash lets out a loud yawn and sits up and glares at his

long time friend, while putting Togepi down besides his sleeping bag.

'Damn, must be that time of the month again' thought the boy, who was now

wondering why Togepi was sleeping with him instead of his beloved Pikachu.

"Mmm, Morning Mist, I see you slept well" he said in a sweet voice.

"Oh shut up, and why in the living hell, is Pikachu sleeping in MY sleeping

bag, huh?" she says this, with her hands on her hips.

"I don't know and don't care, but I'll ask him just for you!" Ash said in a

tired voice, while rubbing his eyes.

"OK Pika pal, whats the story, why were you sleeping in the demon's

sleeping bag?"

Misty gives him the finger, but Ash missed it.

"Pi pi chu pi pi pika kachu pika pi pika pi pikachu!" said the Pokemon, who

had a big silly grin on its cute face.

As the Pokemon spoke to its long time trainer and friend, Misty was

wondering what that pokemon was saying, since Ash was blushing more and

more until the Pokemon had stopped talking.

"So, what did he say?" demanded the red-head.

"Err, um, he said, well, uh, he enjoys, err, laying and..." 'Oh damn I

don't want to say this' Ash thought, "and, oh bugger it! To be blunt, He


your breasts!" when he finished, he put his head in his hands and wondered

were the hell he went wrong with his first Pokemon.

Misty didn't know what to say to this at first, but moments later her

face reddened and she pulled out her trusty Mallet, stood up slowly and...


...smashes her mallet into the perverted Pokemon, which sent him

flying a few 100 feet away from the camp site. After seeing Pikachu had

hit the ground safely, the red-headed girl turned around and faced the

young man infront of her and started to, well you know, use those lungs


"Ash!! what have you been teaching that Pokemon of yours, are you a pervert

too, I bet you are, all males are perverts, even male Pokemon." the girl

then stepped yelling when she saw that the boy wasn't listening(he had

learned how to tune her out), so she gave a 'Hpmh' and desided to take a

quick dip in the nearby river and wash up before breakfast, and also to

make sure Pikachu didn't do anything else to her while she slept. So

picking up

her backpack, the young red-head stalked off, leaving the dark-haired boy

alone, which only his thoughts.

After realizing that Misty wasn't shouting at him anymore and had

walked off somewhere. So he decided to look around and see what happened

to Pikachu. At first he couldn't see him, but moments later he could he

afew 'Pika's not too far away from camp. Now knowing that his Pokemon had

survied Misty's wrath, his mind turned back to the beautiful red-head


'Mmmm, Pikachu is one lucky bastard, I would do just about anything to be

able to put my head on Misty's soft, warm, breasts, Mmmmm'. He kept

thinking on those lines for next minute of so until he felt something land

on his head. He knew straight away it was Pikachu, so he didn't worry at

all, but he was now wondering were Misty was up too, so standing up with

Pikachu still on his head, the boy started to walk in the direction that he

thought Misty went, but as he left their camp site, he failed to notice

that Misty's backpack was gone.

Down at the small river, Misty by now had stripped down to her pink

bra and blue panties and was just sitting there, on the river bed and


enjoying the feel of the cold water on her smooth skin. While she sat

there, she was still fuming on what Pikachu had said earlier, and she was

wondering on 'how' this happened. Since she was so deep in thought, the

beautiful red-head didn't hear Ash walk through some nearby bushes, but she

'did' hear him when she heard a yelp and a soft 'thud' behind her. As she

sprun to her feet and spun around, she was surprised to see Ash sitting on

the grass, with Pikachu on his head(Misty also noted that she could have

sorn that the Pokemon had a big smile on his face). After a few moments

of deadly silence, Misty realized that she was only wearimg her bra and

panties, so doing the only thing that came to mine, she pulled out her

mallet again and gave out her war cry and charged the boy and his Pokemon.

Hearing this(he has heard this sound many times before), Ash sprun to his

feet and made a mad dash for his life, with his faithful Pokemon, Pikachu,

still on his head(Who was still smiling like a damn idiot).

As the two run through the forest, dodges trees and bushes, they had

somehow ended up back at the camp site and that was as far as Ash got,

because the poor boy had tripped on his own sleeping bag, and nearly had

squeshed poor Togepi flat as well(The pokemon had fallen asleep again).

Misty, who wasn't that far behind, saw her target(s) on the ground and

helpless, but when she was only meters away from her prey, she suddenly

tripped on her own sleeping bag and fell right on top of Ash, who had


around in time to get a mouth full of Misty's lovely chest. As the boy

layed there, enjoying the feeling of Misty's breasts been pressed against

his face. Before MIsty could get off the dazed boy, Ash decided to take

the bull by the balls and do something that he really shouldn't do. He


stuck out his tongue and licked her chest with all his might(later on, he

found out from Misty that he had licked her left breast) and then he waited

for his painful death. Misty on the other hand, was conpletely and totally

shocked to her bones when she felt Ash do that, but for some reason she had

enjoyed it, no, loved it.

After around 10 seconds of silence, Misty had finally gotton off him

and was now glaring down at him with her mallet back in hand. Seeing this,

the boy gulped and closed his eyes tightly and waited for the pain to

begin. But after a few moments, no pain came but only the sound of


'else' being hit, which he guessed was Pikachu, and again he waited for the

pain but got none. As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw that Misty had

dropped the Mallet and was now smiling down at him, and he didn't like way

she was smiling one little bit. He was about to ask her why she hadn't hit

him into next Tuesday, when the girl had suddenly bent down and started to

kiss him 'hard' on the lips(with tongue included). Ash was totally blown

away by this move, and when Misty finally broken the long kiss, she

whispered something into his ear. The boy's eyes widen for a moment before

a big silly grin crossed his face, and he pulled Misty back down and

started to

kiss her as hard as she did and shortly after started to...

2 hours later...

"So Ash, how long do you think we have left until we reach you home town?"

asked Misty, who was fully dressed now.

"Hmmm, I think we are around an hour away, why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason really, I just feel alittle tried, thats all." said Misty,

with a grin.

"Ooooh, hehe, you better then get some rest when we get to my place, so

that we can have some more fun later tonight!"

Misty giggled, while Pikachu only rolled his eyes and thought.

'Hmph, damn horny teenagers, I wish I was human'.

And with that, the 2 teens and 2 Pokemon continue on towards the town



Author's Notes:

Err, not much so say, other then I hope you found some of that funny.

My Eva/Pokemon Fanfiction Webpage:


My E-mail address:


All comments are welcome.


Misty's Unusual Morning #2

By KoalaKiller

Version: 1.01

Once again, Misty Hanada woke up from another great night sleep, and it

wasn't because she was laying on a nice soft bed either. The young

red-head teen had slowly opened her eyes for a few moments before closing


again, as memories of late night's little joy ride returned. She couldn't

believe how great it felt to have someone she cared for deeply for, to make

love to her. The feeling of something that long and hard inside her

special space of hers, could make her feel so complete. Also, when hearing

those 3 magical words 'I love you' whispered into your ear just before you

fall asleep, could make you feel like the happies female in the world.

As Misty continued to slowly wake up, to girl suddenly realized that

something warm and soft was laying on her chest. The memories of yesterday

then sprung to mind and Misty's eyes snapped open to see a yellow thing,

which she know was Pikachu straight away, who was lying on her

chest(again), with a big smile plasted on his cute little face. Misty

thanked any gods out there, as she remembered putting on one of those long

t-shirts when she had woken up a few hours ago, to goto the loliet.

Now focusing all her attention on the little yellow Pokemon, Misty decided

there was only one why to

deal with this situation, and that was...

At the same time, Ash and his mother were just had started to eat their

breakfast, when they suddenly heard Misty yell out.

"Pikachu, I told you not to sleep there anymore, didn't I, well this might

help you remember!!" when the yelling had stopped, it was silent for a few

moments before they heard.






"Huh?" was Ash's only comment.

The boy could tell that the noise had came from the staircase, so

getting up, he walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway, and at the

bottom of the staircase was Pikachu, lying there, with a dazed look on his

cute face. Looking up, Ash saw Misty looking down at the Pokemon, then at

him and she winked at him.

"Morning Ashy-boy, I'll be right down, just going to take a bath before I

have some breakfast, o.k." and with that, she walked off.

Ash on the hand, was in another world after seeing Misty in only a

long shirt. Well, he had seen her fully naked before, but just looking at

her in only a t-shirt, had made his little friend wake up a little. After


few moments of just standing there, the boy shook his head and went back

into the kitchen, leaving Pikachu still at the bottom of the stairs.

Back in the guest room, Misty had entered the room, which she would be

staying in (and maybe Ash too, hehe) and began picking out what she would

wear for the day, but since she had nothing good to wear, she just pick out

the unsual clothes and left the room, and went into the bathroom. After

shutting the door and dropping her clothes onto the floor, she took off her

shirt and started her bath. After she had thought the water was at the

right temperature, she stepped in and knelt down and gently slid her entire

body into the warm water. After laying there for a few moments, Misty

closed her eyes and relaxed as she felt the warm water cover her body. As

she took the soap, she started rubbing it gently on her breasts first, then

next her stomch and continued down, washing every part of her body. While

doing this, she had wished it was Ash who was the one rubbing the soap all

over her slim figure. One thing she always wanted was to have someone

close to her, someone who loved her, to wash her entire body, and that

person at the moment was having breakfast with his mother, so she thought

sometime in the future, she could get Ash to wash her, and then she could

do the same for him. As she continued to rub the soap on her long legs,

the red-head teen was so deep in thought, that she didn't hear the bathroom

door slowly open, and then close.

As Misty started to wash her arms, the girl thought she heard something,

so opening her eyes, she turned to look in the direction that she thought

she heard the noise came from. When her eyes reached the door, she was

surprised to see Pikachu and Charmeleon standing there, and both Pokemon

were staring at her, with drool coming from Charmeleon's mouth. The

surprise of seeing the two Pokemon had suddenly turned into anger as she

realized that both Pokemon were getting a good eye full of her body, which

she had told herself many times before, that only Ash was allowed to look


Seeing the young red-head was getting out of the bathtub very quickly,

both Pokemon decided at the same time, that they had seen enough and


finding a hiding spot would be a very good idea. As Misty grabbed her

towel, Charmeleon quickly opened the door and dashed out of the bathroom,

with Pikachu not far behind.

Back in the kitchen, Ash was just finishing off his orange juice when

he suddenly heard alot of noises coming from upstairs. It didn't take long

for him to figure it out what was going on, as he saw Pikachu and


fly past the kitchen door, with Misty not far behind, with only a towel

wrapped around her. Mrs. Ketchum, who was busy washing the dishes, only

shook her head sadly as images of Pikachu and Charmeleon being choked by a

very angry red-head girl.

A few minutes after the noises had stopped, Ash wondered what Misty

did to the 2 Pokemon. At that moment, the love of his life had suddenly

entered the kitchen, fully clothed and with a big smile on her pretty face.

As she sat down at the table, Ash decided to ask what she did with the 2

naughty Pokemon.

"Hey Misty, what happen? and what did you do to them?"

Misty chuckled a little as she told him.

"After kicking Pikachu down the stairs for *she whispered* parking his fat

ass on my chest(again) *Normal voice*, I took a nice warm bath, but again

Pikachu tried and sucessed at getting a peek at me in the buff, with the

help of Charmeleom too. So after getting out and chasing them all over the

house, I finally cornered them and gave them a good swift kick in the

*chuckle* groin."

Ash winced when hearing this, 'Poor buggers, thats just plain cruel'.

Misty noticed Ash expression and grinned at him.

"Don't worry Ash, if you behave, I won't have to do the same, *whispers*


if your good boy today, I'm treat you to a little fun sometime after your

mother goes out." She then winks at him and starts to eat her breakfast.

Ash on the only hand, was already making plans as he watched his mother

leave the kitchen to continue to clean the house.

Later that day...

Misty silently layed on top of a naked Ash, as they had just finish

having their *fun* for the day and now both teens were resting on Misty's

bed. At the moment, Ash was sleeping peacefully, with his arms wrapped

around Misty's waist. The young red-head on the other hand, was still

awake and just layed there, enjoying the warm feeling of Ash's body. While

listening to Ash's heart beat, the girl thanked her lucky stars that Ash's

mother had went out earlier that day, which gave the two young lovers time

to have a little fun, which turned out to be 2 full hours of non-stop sex.

When they had finished, Misty found herself unable to sleep yet, and so she

continued to just lay there, with her head resting on Ash's strong chest.

Around 10 minutes later, Misty found herself starting to nod off, when

she suddenly heard some loud noises from downstairs. This scared her of

course and so she leaped out of Ash's arms and ran towards the door. As


poked her head out and carefully listened to see if Ash's mother had

returned. By now, Ash had woken up and was staring at Misty's nude body,

and wondered what was wrong.

"Hey Mist, what's going on, did you hear someone?"

"Shhh, yes I did, and it might be your mom!"

So both teens sat/stand, as they listened for around 30 to 40 seconds,

but nothing happened.

"I think you might have-" Ash was cut off then he heard the noise too, he

thought it sounded like someone was banging on the front door. Misty also

thought that, and walked over and picked up her robe and put it on.

"I'll go and see who it is." as she left the room, she added, "you might

like to throw on some clothes as well." with that she was gone.

As she walked down the stairs, she could hear the banging again and so

she yelled out to the person.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

When she reached the door, she grabbed the doornob, and opened the

door to reveal...


Author's Notes:

Well, who was the person knocking on the front door, was it

Brock, Todd(Snap), or was it Team Rocket. Well, you will find out in the

next chapter of...

Misty's Usuaual Morning!!!

My E-mail:


My webpage:


All comments are welcome.


Misty's unusual Morning #3

By KoalaKiller

Version: 1.00

As soon as Ash had left his room with a pair of shorts and T-shirt

on(he couldn't find his underwear), a shriek from downstairs filled the

house, and Ash guessed it was from Misty's world famous lungs. As soon as

the noise had hit his ears, the teen had dashed down the hall and haft way

down the stairs, but stopped when he saw a man standing at the front door,

he was maybe around 18 years old, and he was holding MIsty in a tight

embrase, and this same man was also giving Misty one hell of a french kiss

too. Well, Ash decided this scene had to stop right here and right now.


Ash, who's head was close to exploding.

"Mmmphhm phhh mph." said Misty.

(Author: No Misty, you can't have a threesome.)

Moments later, the man unlocked his lips with Misty's and looked up at Ash.

"Ash my boy, good to see you again, hows things been going?" asked the man,

in a very deep voice.

"Pretty good until you started kissing my girlfriend you wanker!"

The man blinked, then laughed.

"You and Misty together, Haha! thats a laugh!" the man replied.

"Yes we are together, and by the way, who the hell are you!"

"Ash my boy, its me, your old friend Brocko!" he paused, then continued,

"and what did you mean by we are together, thats impossible!"

Also, Brock was still holding Misty around the waist tighly, which Ash of

course, didn't like one little bit.

"Can you stop holding Misty like that please, and yes, me and Misty are a

couple now and we have shown our love in more then one way too." By the

time Ash had finished the sentence, he was wearing a big smirk on his face.

Brock who was now in shock after hearing that, silently let go of Misty,


ran up to Ash, who now was standing at the bottom of the stairs, and both

teens through their arms around eachother and showed Brock that they did

share the same feels for eachother.

After Misty's lips(and tongue) disengaged from Ash's, the redhead spun

around and walked upto a still shocked Brock. Once infront of him, she

spoke to him in a very deadly voice.

"Ash is my boyfriend, so you better not kiss me like that again, bucko, or


Brock silently nodded, his brain was still trying to reboot itself.

"And to make sure you keep your lips to yourself, here's a little warning."

The next thing Brock knew, Misty's knee had came into contact with his

groin at a frighting speed, which made the man crumble to the ground in


while making funny squeaking noises.

After making her point to her old friend, she spun around again and stalked

upto Ash, then thrusted her left hand down into his shorts and latched onto

Ash's two little friends in a very painful way, and continued her rampage.

"And what did you mean 'My woman' buster, huh?" Ash, who had a very painful

look on his face, tried to reply to the redhead, but the girl's grip

tightened and he decided to say what she wanted to hear from him.

"Nothing, nothing, I'm sorry I said that, I wasn't thinking-" he was cut

off by the Water trainer.

"Well, sorry won't do mister, so I'll just have to punish you myself

later." she said this in a evil tone(small chuckle included).

Ash only gulped.

At the top of the stairs, Pikachu was laughing silently at his Trainer's


Brock groaned in pain.

And at the front door(which was still open), someone said...

"Hiya Ashy-poo, watcha doin'?" said a cute voice.

Hearing that voice, Misty disengaged her hand from Ash's special place and

spun around once again(Whoa, dizzy spell).

"May!! piss off, I'm trying to deal with something here! o.k?"

"I wasn't talking to you Missy, I was talking to Ashy-poo here." Ash

couldn't help but blush at the nickname that she had been using since he

was 5 years old.

"Er, umm, May, can you help my friend here, the one who is holding his

groin in pain and could you drag him into the lounge room, me and Misty

will be

there shortly." Ash said to his old pre-school friend.

"Okie dokey, Ashy-poo, well do!"

Misty only sighed and dragged her lover into the kitchen to get some drinks

for their friends, well Brock was her friend, but she really didn't like

May that much, she was just as annoying as her younger brother Gary.


Once everyone was settled, and Brock had regain his senses, Ash turned to

his old friend, and asked him the question that was on his and Misty's


"Brock! what are you doing here, and why the hell did you kiss Misty like


"Well, I came here because I was looking for Misty and I thought this was

the best place to start looking for her." he replied.

"But way, do you have a crush on me or something?" Asked the redhead girl.

"Yes, I do have a crush on you MIsty, and when I saw you in that robe, I

couldn't help myself."

"Well Brock, I'm sorry but I don't have those kind of feelings for you,

but" Misty paused, then grinned, "I know May here doesn't have a

boyfriend." As

soon as that word left her mouth, Brock was now sitting next to May, in

full gaga-mood(drool included) and asked...

"Would you go out with me! Pleeeease!!" The Pokemon Breeder begged.

May of course, was taken aback, but recovered enough to reply with a little

giggle(Misty really found that giggle annoying).

"Hehe, oh you're a cutey, sure I will!" she said this in a very sweet

voice, and blinked her eyelids a few times for effect.

Ash and Misty was thinking that May would have said no, but when they heard

her response, they nearly choked on their drinks. While upstairs, on the

top step, Pikachu was half earsdropping and half looking at his Pokemon

cards. So when he heard this piece of infomation, he went into shock and

fell forward and rolled and bounded all the way down until he hit the

bottom with a *Thud*, but noone noticed, since everyone was in shock(Like

Misty and Ash), in heaven(Like Brock) or in a fit of giggles(LIke May).

Once everyone was back to normal(Misty had to re-introduce her mallet to

Brock's head to get him back to his senses), Brock started to tell his

friends what he had been up to for last few years. Around 15 minutes

later, May had noticed Pikachu walking into the lounge room, with a dazed

look on his cute face. Seeing her favorite Pokemon, the 16 year old girl


into giggles(again) and scooped up Pikechu and held him tightly to her


Now, if it was Misty hugging him like this, the little mouse would be one

very happy Pokemon, but Pikachu had never really liked this girl(even

though she had a good sized chest), mainly because she just plained scared

him. So, he tried to wiggle out of her arms, but he found out that the

girl had

a good grip on him.

Ash, Misty and Brock on the other head, was staring at the girl with

sweatdrops on their heads, and listed to the mad giggles coming from the

girl's mouth. Ash and MIsty had seen this many times before when they had

visited Pallet in the past, but Brock was new to this so he just stared at

where she was holding Pikachu, or maybe he was staring at her chest(who

knows, I'll let you people decide).

Unknown to everyone else, one small egg Pokemon(haha! you thought I forgot

about Togepi) who had seated himself in the far corner of the lounge room.

As the small Pokemon watched his Pika-pal being hugged to death, he


'Poor Pikachu, he should've had stayed away from the mad-giggle-girl'. And

with that thought, the egg Pokemon decided to take a little nap and dream

about his favorite thing...


End of Chapter 3.

Author's Notes:

Well, I hoped you all enjoyed that chapter, since I sure did. One

reason this took so long is that I was debating if I should have had Ash

and Brock go into a big fight scene, but I decided not to in the end and


that idea for another chapter. Anyways, remember feedback would be nice

and if you have any suggestions that would made this little series better,

email them to me.


Gary Oak - 15

May Oak - 16

Brock Slater - 18

Mrs Ketchum - 34

My Eva/Pokemon Fanficion Webpage:


My E-mail address:


All comments are welcome.

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One of Ray Bradbury's stories as well. Was about a man going back in time to hunt for dinosaurs and accidentally killing a butterfly changing the present in the process.

Yeh, "A Sound of Thunder". I had it read to me at primary school, only once i think, and yet i've always remembered it. I'm thinking that's a keeper.

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I can barely remember the name of it and i dont have the book to hand but i think it was

"The last statement of Randolph Carter" by HP Lovecraft.

Anyone read that?

Yeah, it's one of his particulary short pieces. With a good slightly corny twist at the end. About two guys, one very interested in the dark arts (as you'd expect) who visit an ancient graveyard wishing to investigate the contents of a particular tomb... I liked it too. If indeed that's the one you meant.

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Yeah' date=' it's one of his particulary short pieces. With a good slightly corny twist at the end. About two guys, one very interested in the dark arts (as you'd expect) who visit an ancient graveyard wishing to investigate the contents of a particular tomb... I liked it too. If indeed that's the one you meant.[/quote']

Yep thats the one. The end was indeed slightly twisted, but when i read it, i was imagining for days what it was that the other bloke had found in that tomb.

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Lovecraft.(And others who wrote of the mythos) especially the Innsmouth tales.

'I am Legend' - Richard Matheson

'The Wasp Factory' - Iain Banks

'The Fisherman and his Soul' - Oscar Wilde.

With reference to Oscar Wilde, I'll defend myself here by saying that I made it a New Years resolution one year to read all his works and to my utter horror and amazement found him to be one of the best storytellers ever.

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I'd just like to second the Kafka recommendation - his short stories are amazing' date=' I like them even more than his novels. Personal favourites include 'In the Penal Colony' and 'Investigations of a Dog'. Fantastic allegories.

Some translations are better than others though.[/quote']

oh yeah totally forgot about Metamorphasis.

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