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Official Celebrity Big Brother 2006 Thread


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Eggsy was great on Celebrity Weakest Link - much more intelligent than I'd have ever given him credit for tbh coming second and only losing by 1 question' date=' so yeah he would have been great to see himas he's funny and clever, him and Galloway could have been agreat double act.



but i thought he won celeb weakest link. thought it was fish who came second.

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Guest tv tanned

Let jester continue to dream...

Good to see Galloway's priorities continue to be in the right place. Missing key terror votes for paid public speaking engagements and now appearing on a show full of people trying to boost their profiles.

A true socialist...

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So whos on standby' date=' Vegas, Nicole Smith?? Maybe Stallone again haha that'd be brilliant! Whod you most like to see in the house if you could pick anyone. I'd go for Ricky Gervais or Sue Pollard.

And Maggot to win, and that spunk bucket that shagged Sven out first.[/quote']

I'd like to see: Alan Davies, Steven Fry, Fish, Christopher Eccleston, Alan Alda, Kevin Smith, Bagpuss, loads of people could be amusing...



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Guest five years

Stop Press - The Guy from the Ordinary Boys? Who did the booking for this thing' date=' it's the most bizarre line-up in the world.[/quote']

when i saw that i thought "you actually ARE famous though, a CURRENT celebrity, rather than a has been/wannabe!"

dennis rodman? oh well, goodbye channel4, surely his fee alone will bankrupt them!!

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george: could be entertaining but so far has been pretty boring

A lot of that could be to do with the fact that channel 4 are actively cutting anything vaguely politcal that he says. He's a politician! And an outspoken one at that! Why let the page 3 model talk about her breasts all the time but cut out the politician talking about politics? Rubbish.

And rodman is a sex pest.

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faria: couldnt have told you that was her name... thats what i think

dennis: mubler... and too sex mad.. btu aint even hot

george: "im the msot famous" shut your face.... ive got to write about him in an essay. twat

jodie: she moans too much. i thought she was decent but she keeps going on about how she aint what the papers say

rula: too posh...

pete: haha pete with the balloons hahaha

maggot: not as funny as i thought

traci: she cant decide if she wants to hang with the old ones or young ones

preston: oh my.. im more and mroe atracted to him every day

barrymore: not seen much of him

chantelle: good on her for being in there. proves celebrity means nothing - as jodie said

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Theres too much from that bint Jodie Marsh and not enough Maggot. Pete is the most entertaining. Didnt he get put into a psychiatric hospital once after being found in a neighbours garden spinning on the ground singing "You spin me right round etc" and gluing his stilettos to their car?

nah that was yur maw last week

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