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The Ghost Of Fudge

flying circus! every wednesday night!

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everyone's favourite night out. please don't ask the DJ for:

*any metal at all

*this includes slayer and machine head, please note

*industrial bands

*born slippy

*hardcore bands



* etc

if you want to enter a drinking competition, sign up your TEAM OF THREE at the DJ box as soon as you can. you'll get a free pint at the very least, another free pint if you make the final, and a CASE OF BEER if you win the blasted thing.

the final 'end game' of the night (at 1.35isham) will be decided upon randomly, depending on how the comperes feel. but it could invole pole dancing, treasure hunting, dirty pints, frozen t-shirts, or paper/scissors/stone. all for a lovely free drink and possibly a special monty python, wolverine, etc type prize from kind occasional sponsers, The Asylum (on Adelphi).

my work here is done.

(yes, i'm bored and about to call it a night...) :D

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Hahahahaha, i'd love to play some Hulud, Dillinger and some Cradle Of Filth, but my remit prohibits such stylings :(

And i think Alan would kick my ass.

I hear those Fudge Guys like to be groped in their costumes though ;)

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