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Resolutions? What resolutions?


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Guest Page 99
im trying to go without redbull for a year...this is getting hard already...

Perhaps you should seek medical attention?

New years resolutions...

+ Get noise project up and running.

+ Pass Exams.

+ Travel Europe in summer.

That shall do for just now.

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Get some "life stuff" done. I mean.. go to uni, for example... have a go at taking one foot out of the financial dependence trough... and other adult things.

Beat my current average of 9 hours / day online (probably).

Rekindle my old hobby of calling places other than here to get accustomed to and endeared by the accents. Calling the Astoria is my favourite! Such warm and friendly sounding employees. (Calling abroad is too expensive)

See Battersea Power Station and Notting Hill Gate.

Not move to London or anything.. it's not like I'm in love with it, and don't think I am just because I mentioned it a few times.

Learn some Czech and German.

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i have 4...

1) Stop binge drinking after every shift

2) Start saving cash (for holidays/ generally enjoying life and not always being poor)

3) Play alot more guitar

4) Cut down on smoking

5) Learn the 'Blackened' Solo (this is a running joke, have been saying it every year since 2001, never been arsed)

Not really 'great scheme of things' resolutions, just things that are effecting me in the here and now.

the drinking thing is going well thus far, which i'm proud of being surrounded by drink and drunks all fuckin day. The guitar thing, we'll see, its always a bit hit and miss, but theres no denying i need the practice. As for smoking, i think that one will wait for march and see how this new ban takes its toll.

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My resolution is to be Brutally Honest when asked anything no matter how upsetting the answer maybe. No more sugarcoating and diplomacy .....u want the truth...u cant handle the truth.

Also im going to stop drinking coke.

You've been saying that about the coke since summer and I saw you drink a pint of it last week.

I haven't made any resolutions, maybe i will think of some now.

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Thanks for the advice Dino.

And Elwood i know i have been saying that all last year and when i drank that pint of coke it was Xmas Eve. This year i really mean it...honest....maybe....STOP JUDGING ME!!!

Oh and im gonna try and learn more than just the 3 chords i know already on my guitar. (this will probably never happen as i have no musical ability).

And the last one, im gonna stop being such a fat pig and lose some weight.

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I want to ditch the harem' date=' and just date one regular girl :)[/quote']

Me too, well almost - not really into girls! but you know what I mean. Maybe we should get together

Also resolved to go see all the mates I haven't seen for years because they have moved away.

Also resolved to go to a festival over in Europe. After 22 British ones I fancy a change.

And finally, find a band I actually want to be in, which means practicin/playin my Bass a lot - I can't wait!

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Has anyone truly and honestly 100% kept a new years resolution for a whole year' date=' January 1st right through to December 31st?[/quote']

I'm not silly enough to try, I tend to think of things I've been meaning to do the previous year and resolve to do them.

Last Year one of my resolutions was to go to a festival by myself, and I did. No fighting, no-one I knew, nothing to remind me of home, made lots of new pals from all over. It was awsome!

Woosey I know but at least I don't have the bad karma of failing.

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