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Happy New Year..also info for 06.


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Happy New Year everyone, hope you all have a good one.

Element start the year with a gig at the Tunnels on the 4th of Jan with SOM, We shall be Blessed, Today we fight, Allegro.

We are also supporting Mendeed in Feb. More info to follow.

Its good having Mike back from Italy, song writing and banter about scones.

New songs will hopefully be made between the first gig of the year and Feb. We are also planning to record stuff in the near future, adding to Neonfluxicide and Give me strength. I think the new stuff will kick Neonfluxicides ass.

I think the new stuff will be continuing the recent stuff with heavyness mixed with melody but perhaps a little more complicated. We shall see.

Chris got some new pedals and says he can play faster with them, yey!

Im getting software for my laptop so Tony's vocals may be recorded at home in the future. It also allows us to spend time adding layers,effects etc. So hopefully the final result will sound powerful.

Also, gonna have to get our fingers out and get gigs with Weeping Jesus, out of Aberdeen!:up:

The website- yes its crap and needs serious updating. Im having problems with the software but will get this fixed asap and will try and add a guest book. We will also be on Myspace very soon and I will put up a new song as soon as its ready



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Guest blackadder

Happy new year guys....gig at tunnals was good....got the shock of my life as i didn't realise hog had such a "vocal" range.....enjoyed it and well wasn't put off too much by the chimp laughing too hard ovor my sholdor!......




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