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Channel 4 tonight!!


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Hey guys, my friends show, The Magic of Jesus, is being screened tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. This is followed by When Magic Tricks Go Wrong, also presented by Stuart and Barry at 10pm. Dirty Tricks then follows at 11.05, which they are one of the main acts. Pretty good stuff and well worth watching!! :up:





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I was planning on staying tonight so i can reach a perfect point of alcohol free zen before embarking on hogmany. end result being that I'll probably watch all the magik goodness.

I believe they're also doing a special at easter in a similar veign to the jesus show.

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They are back tonight FRIDAY 2ND JUNE 2006 - tape this they are funny as hell and great magicians tae.

23:05 Tricks from the Bible


Following their Christmas special, The Magic of Jesus, magicians Barry Jones and Stuart MacLeod now draw on the Old Testament as the inspiration for their original and inventive brand of magic.

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Guest Neubeatz

Just saw the show from Samson getting a shaved head and losing his strength, Tonight I thought that they were much better than the xmas show, ace, :up:

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