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HOT MANGU ALBUM+DVD Release Details...

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Hi everyone!



On Saturday April 1st HOT MANGU will be releasing their debut album

titled: "444" @ THE LEMON TREE through Fat Hippy Records

(alongside an album release from KARLOFF!)

the album will contain about 10 tracks (final track listing is still pending)

but you will see the following...

Sex Grooves, Chez n Norry, Jack in Nam, Make Believe, Crepitus, Attack of the Orange, Green, City 75, Pervy (Live), Life to This (Live)

plus an hour long DVD of interesting things that we have been filming this year

- music video, tour footage and more..

The DVD will be premiered at The Tunnels on Monday March 27th - Free Entry

+ music from Ghost of Bongo.. and maybe some others tbc

Hot Mangu and Karloff will then be off on a 2 week UK Tour to promote their releases


that is all.


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it will come in the form of a dual cd case... as opposed to a dual disc

so there will be an actual DVD and a CD

the Karloff CD (which i believe will be in the form of a digipack) and the Hot Mangu CD/DVD will be retailing for £10 each


i believe that the 1st 50 customers at the album launch night will get a FREE DVD from a gig at drummonds in Feb that will be filmed...


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