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Sam 45

Badge Printing Companies?

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Hi there we can do badges for you.

In fact we're offering all bands on Aberdeen Music a free 1" button badge, featuring your own logo or sleeve design. There is no catch, obviously we're hoping that you and your bandmates will be so impressed that you'll decide to place an order for more, but if not, then no problem.

If you do decide to order, we can supply 100 badges for only £20. Badges such as these regularly sell at gigs for £1 or more, but even if you sell them to fans at 50p each, there's still a healthy profit. Alternatively, you may decide to give them away as a promotional tool to help build your fanbase.

Whatever you decide, why not send in your artwork and get yourself a sample badge for free?

To take us up on this offer, email your logo / artwork to sales@madforbadges.co.uk including your name, band name, postal address and contact number. You can also visit our website at www.madforbadges.co.uk for full details of our services.

Hope to see a few of you wearing our badges soon.



P.S. Your logo or artwork size should be 50mm diameter and at least 300dpi to ensure quality. The edge of the design should be at least 18mm from edge to ensure that it appears on the face of the badge!

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