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Skullsplitter, the ultimate rock 'n roll real ale currently dispensing

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The Moorings is one of the few bars brave enough to put Orkney Skullsplitter on a handpump. This is arguably one of the worlds most dangerous drinks due to it's unique combination of strength and quaffability. Yes there are stronger beers but most of those taste like turds. Skullsplitter tastes similar to a decent pint of Export... but be warned 4 pints will see most people backflipping off their barstool and cracking their head on the floor


This rock 'n roll legend shall be on sale for this week, and maybe a little of next week too. It's expensive on a per pint basis, but it takes so few pints to fall over that it's possbile to get bleezin and still get change from 10.

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