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Play Bloodstock!

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Just got an e-mail from bloodstock. They are looking for unsigned metal bands for next years festival and offering free publicity for all!

Are you in a band and want to play BLOODSTOCK06?

BLOODSTOCK is a festival run by fans for fans. We present an unsigned/independent labels band stage where there is a chance to play on Saturday 30th September for a 30 minute set. Up to 12 unsigned bands are selected to play.

This year we are going to raffle 2 places on the bill at BLOODSTOCK 2006. All you need to do is :

1. Purchase 1 or more tickets at 51 each for the event from the festival website at www.bloodstockfestival.com

2. email me vince@bloodstock.uk.com to let me know you have purchased a ticket and stating the name of your band. If you have already purchased a ticket and are in a band and want to take advantage of entering the raffle then again email me.

3. Send a demo pack to BLOODSTOCK, 100 Swingate, Kimberley, Nottingham, NG16 2PQ.

What we will then do is:

1. Enter your band into the raffle.

2. Guarantee to listen to your demo objectively (We do receive 100's if not 1000's each year)

3. Place your band info and link on our website, under a section relating to the bands who enter the raffle. This will offer you exposure to the BLOODSTOCK fanbase.

What happens if you win:

1. We will refund your entry fee.

2. Your band will play BLOODSTOCK06 in September.

3. We guarantee you will have a fantastic time!

What happens if you do not win:

1. You have a ticket which can be used to come to the festival. OR you can sell on to someone else if you cannot make it, effectively getting you your money back.

2. You have had a lot of exposure to 1000's of our festival fans.

3. Enter your band again for 2007.

Good Luck!

N.B. 2 bands have entered so far:

TALAMASCA // no website presence yet.

BLACK WIDOW U.S.A. // www.BlackWidowMetal.com

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