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SET LIST FOR XENEPHON 23rd AUGUST in room 2 moshulu


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SET LIST FOR XENEPHON 23rd AUGUST in room 2 moshulu

1. Laibach Mars (Holst Planet Suite)

2. Armand Van Helden Little Black Spiders

3. Vast Here

4. NY Loose Sit

5. Lisa Germano I love a snot

6. Low Amazing Grace

7. Killing Joke the Death + Ressurection Show

8. Joy Division Warsaw

9. Queens of the Stoneage Better Living Through

10. Bob Mould FortKnox King Solomon

11. The Kills Cat Claw

12. Tool Prison Sex

13. Christian Death Church of No Return

14. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Black Tongue

15. Alanis Morissette All I really want

16. MSP Comfort Comes

17. Veruca Salt No 1 Blind

18. Goldbloom Belly of the Beast

19. Apoptygma Berzerk Electricity

20. Chemical Brothers Let Forever be

21. David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging

22. Hole Burn Black

23. Incubus Glass

24. Weezer the World has Turned

25. Dont Call Me Blur (mix of Song 2 and Dont call me Baby)

26. Garbage Speicial

27. Animotion Obsession

28. Dashboard Confessionals the only gift that I need

29. Beck New Pollution

30. Placebo Big Mouth Strikes Again

31. Violent Femmes Add it Up

32. Tori Amos Professional Widow

33. Therion - SummerNightCity

34. Soundgarden the Day I tried to live

35. Mr Bungle Vanity Fair

36. Smashing Pumpkins Today

37. Placebo Nancy Boy

38. Bring it On Soundtrack Cheerleaders

39. Fischerspooner- Emerge

40. The Faint Agenda Suicide

41. No Doubt Dont Let me Down

42. Pest Heard Your Bird Moved in

43. Peaches Fuck the Pain Away

44. Freelance Hellraiser Smells like Booty (Destinys Child/Nirvana mix)

45. BloodyFist Shaftman

46. D.D.R. End of the Century

47. Alice in Chains Angry Chair

48. Fingathing OGRE

49. NIN Pilgrimage

50. Moloko Pure Pleasure Seeker

51. Ramjar Rubber Company - Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

52. Divine Shake it up

53. Rammstein Engel

54. C J Bolland Sugar is Sweeter

55. Hagfish Stamp

56. Har Mar Superstar EZ Pass

57. Jo Mc Cafferty Oblivion

58. Rasputina Transylvanian Concubine

59. Abba Gabba

60. Sparks this town aint big enough for the both of us

61. Ultraviolence Masochist

62. Moog Cookbook Basket Case

63. Labyrinth Soundtrack Magic Dance

64. Tricky (with John Frusciante and Flea) #1 Da Woman

65. Prince Raspberry Beret

66. Weezer I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams

67. Human League Open Your Heart

68. Rasputina State Fair

69. REM Furry Happy Monsters

70. She-ra theme

71. Powerpuff Girls theme


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