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There is a few different ways of doing this depending on what cables/equipment you have and how practical it is to move things around if you need to but the way I would do it would be as follows...

1. Get a 2 plug phono to 3.5mm jack cable and attach one end to your turntable and plug the other into the line-in socket of your soundcard within your PC.

2. Use a standard audio editing package like Cool Edit Pro or Soundforge to record what is being played on your turntable to an uncompressed wave file. You can then edit the tracks you record at this stage and you can also get plug-ins for Soundforge (and maybe Cool Edit as well) to automatically remove the clicks, pops and hiss you sometimes hear on vinyl records.

3. Take your uncompressed wave files and convert them to MP3 using any multitude of software packages (Soundforge can save direct to MP3 as well I think). I recommend you use the LAME encoder if you are going to compress to MP3.

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to plug the record player into your pc, the easiest way would be to get a line level signal, usually decks dont have the preamp on board though, so you may want to take a line out from the poweramp (i know my hifi's poweramp has a preamp for record decks, and you can select the recording out - usually for tapes/cdr/minidisk decks but connecting it to pc will work fine) most likely using a 2xRCA phono -> 3.5mm (stereo) jack

plug that into your pc, get some recording software (goldwave and audacity seemed to work for me - both free online) and record away

you will then probably need to split up the huge file you will have recorded into tracks

it might be worthwhile recording it as a wav, then burning it to cd too, so you have a backup/cd version, rather than straight to mp3


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