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Why the Scope charity?


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Well, my sister (Gillian) had Cerbral Palsy. This meant that she learnt to walk at the age of 3. However, that was not a big deal to her. I suppose it is like a stroke, it affected one side of the body i.e sight, mobility etc.

The funny thing was that the teachers at school had limited views regarding exam results. It turned out that Gillian's exam results were better than mine ( I do run a company and am not completely stupid although my spelling is crap lol)

To put things into perspective, a guy at school went up to my sister and called her a "spastic", what was the response? She walked over, bought a milkshake, walked back to the guy and poured it over his head. I never once heard Gillian complain about her condition which was obviously uncomfortable.

Unfortunately a few years ago, Gillian passed away in a road accident but it is about time that I did something truly positive in her memory. Perhaps I am being a bit too frank for a messageboard but I am trying to do something really positive.

Thank you in advance to all the bands who are playing and thank you to all the people who turn up.

Bring your friends (Im such a whore hehe)

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two things that i think after reading that post hog.

1) We make this a great night, keep it to good, light hearted banter between any bands that have "issues" between them. This night should be fun and we should ALL remember the cause fro which we are playing.

2) We bring as much folk as possible.

See you Sunday.

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