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Bassist Wanted!


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Hi. My name is Neil. I'm currently in a band called Catch a Fire, and we rock in a kind of, "nobody has heard of us or heard us, but the practises are showing promise, kind of way." We consist of a guitarist ( Me) a drummer ( the impeccable Charlie) a keyboard player ( Denes the key king) and Jessica the singer, who is great fun.

We practise three times a week, twice in a practise room in town that is affordable and full of good cheer. We have a great creative atmosphere and a good sense of fun in our practises, but most of all we are tight friends and respect each others abilities and lives.

We sound a bit like Rufus Wainwright meets Radiohead meets Depeche Mode, but to be honest when we get together its anybodies guess what we will end up playing or creating. We are looking for a bass player who is easy going, happy-go-lucky, talented and most of all serious about getting a record deal. Age 18-28, with free time to jam and own gear.

thanks all, PM me and we'll jam! Wheeze a juice. N x

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