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DYSE (germany) guitar/drums duo

Dizzy Storm

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just a preview of one of the awesome bands we'll be bringing to Aberdeen (and beyond) in the New Year...specific date in March stbc...


DYSE is a two man band project from Chemnitz & Jena City, Germany, founded in May 2003 after a long, hard night in an amsterdam hotel ("Dysecatmotel"). featuring Andre Dietrich of the mighty VOLT (ex Roerhedds) on guitar, and Jari Rebelein, of RODEO QUEEN, on drums.

Guitar, drums, the audience, and talkshow samples, are the weapons which DYSE use live on stage (and also mostly in the middle of the audience!). DYSE has no fixed musicstyle although names such as MELVINS, NO MEANS NO, REFUSED, LIGHTNING BOLT, FUGAZI & JR EWING have been used as comparasins...this band really is a testimony to how astonishingly fat things can be with just a guitar and drumkit!

recordings and releases to date... mini cd "Agrupa Pulp" in Aug 2003, 7" vinyl releases "Honig" and "Agaragnag" in Feb and Oct 2004, and soon, after a lot of work and much beer they'll be finished their 3rd “Siphonophore”!

Having played a lot of shows so far in Germany and The Netherlands, it´s time for DYSE to see the world, or better: it´s time for the world to see DYSE!

www.dyse.info for info/pics/mp3's...although a lot of it is in german! will post some english reviews soon


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Guest Mr Blastcap

do mp3 players develope a mind? today mine played that Dyse tune that goes "doot doot- doorooot doot doot" three times in a row and then decided to play some gregorian chanting, wierd .

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Guest Mr Blastcap

hi min roopy bring that new pvh cd and i'll buy it off ye. cant be arsed with buying stamps and all that, the woman in the post office is an arse.

c.i.t.f.o.e. / row six.

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