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Sweep picking.......

Monk Rocker

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Right, I'm trying to get sweep picking down. Any pointers? Anyone got any licks to share?







This is the kind of stuff I'm doing at the mo.......

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And this.......







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keep going up in threes as far as possible, it's a nice alternative to the usual yngwie diminished lick.

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What other guitar players other than Yngwie should I check out? I was going to get some Dream Theatre' date=' but not sure which albums to get......[/quote']

DREAM THEATER - 'Metropolis Pt II Scenes from A Memory'

Amazing album...the best by a bit in my opinion, however there are some gems on all their other albums.

Check out:

Pull Me Under, Under A Glass Moon and Metropolois Pt I (all from 'Images And Words') Glass Prison (from 'Six Degrees....' AMAZING song!)

Change Of Seasons (the song)

New Millennium (from 'Falling into infinity')

Also the Majority of the 'train of thought' album is pretty good.

However, most DT albums have some cracking songs but also some shit ones.

As for other guitarists, I love great guitar playing but generally I find virtuoso's to be boring (Yngwie and Vai are amazing for example - but their SONGS are shite, in my opinion)

Maybe Check out Jason Becker or Buckethead?

However, if you want to hear great guitar playing in great songs then my personal favourites are:

Megadeth - 'Rust In Peace'

Symphony X - 'the Oddysey'

Death - 'Symbolic'

Necrophagist - 'Epitaph' (death metal, but AMAZING sweep picking throughout - classical music almost!!)

and the aforementioned Dream Theater stuff.

Those are all 'metal' albums however...

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Yeah, I agree that most of the virtuoso's songs are pretty gash. I far prefer listening to Vai in a band context. I actually love the Whitesnake album he played on!!

I had that Dream Theatre album in my hand in town on Saturday, but put it back on the shelf incase it was shit! Guess I'm off up to Borders tonight!!

Jason Becker? Name rings a bell..... Who does he play with?

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Honestly, I'd really recomend Scenes.... my dad even loves it!

Spot on about Vai, He is such an amazing player but like you say, in a band context (with David Lee Roth was also great!)

Jason Becker used to play in cacophony with Marty friedman (ex-megadeth.. also my all time favourite guitarist). But he was apparently better than Friedman, and released a couple of solo albums before his disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) badly kicked in -and basically ate his muscles so he couldn't play anymore. the cacophony stuff is pretty impossible to get a hold of... but solo albums not so much. I'm not overly familiar with his actual songs so couldn't recommend where to start but I've heard his playing and it is very good :)

P.S. even Marty Friedman's solo albums are shit....

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I had that Dream Theatre album in my hand in town on Saturday' date=' but put it back on the shelf incase it was shit!


not possible.all of dream theaters albums are amazing! each one different. scenes from a memory:metropolis pt 2 is fuckin emmence! so if u havent heard any before, buy that!!

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