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iForward Russia

Parity's Fall

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Hey all...

Just got back from the iForward Russia gig at kef. Wow! What a fantastic night!!! thanks to all who came to support us, there was a really good turn out! Reasons are Red, as always, were superb as well, if u havent heard them yet u have to check them out. Forward Russia sounded really good too, putting on a great live show! hope all of you who were there enjoyed it, thanks to those who were rawking out to our tunes, what a confidence boost!

If you would like to hear more of Parity's Fall, we are actually playing tomorrow night (mon 5th) at the tunnels. Along with 4 fantastic bands. There are plenty of threads up on the gig and event discussion!!

Cheers Folks! :rockon:



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I struggled to enjoy this gig, as all I could feel was my scene-cred plummeting with every second I stood alone. But, otherwise, it was fantastique. I'd only heard Nine and Thirteen, but every other number was just as disco-tastic. And joining your own mosh-pit is definitely the way to cause chaos

Having seen Niall from Reasons are Red perform acoustic at The Belmont cinema, I had him down as an indie wimp. But on Sunday he was revealed to be a cynical, sarky bastard! And - God knows - pop needs more of them

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