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Lost Season 2 *contains spoilers*


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yeah was a great episode i thought

Nice avator btw dude Joe purdy ROXXXXXX

i can only find 1 album for download tho :s only 4 seasons


take it you have been there

Ahhh well done with my avatar haha!

Yeah I just realised another thing! The Geronimo Jackson album that Hurley finds - has the founders of the island project on the album cover. Can't remember the name of them though. But they are in the Hanso training tape thingy!

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sawyers dad killed his family didnt he? he shot his mother while sawyer lay under the bed? i may be confused here...

i have read that every single character do know each other in some way or form wether they know it thereselfs or not...

as i think ive said before boon and shannon have no family on the island or even knew any other survivor yet they will be turning up in other peoples backflashes? weird..

same as i read the last women sawyer had sex with before the crash was the girl who sold hurley his winning lotto ticket.....

Lockes boss/the guy who continually wound him up at work about no life and no women he appears in other peoples backflashes...... he was a guy in the bar when jack was getting sozzled.....

sawyer met jacks dad in a bar (which we know already)

and as i have said before jack didnt save shannon and boons dad he saved the girl (his ex wife)

So to finish every single survivor on the island are like a chain event each one knows each other but in a fucked up way .. wether its with or without realising it yet........

btw there will be 23 episodes this season and the last episode of season 2 is 2 hours long.............

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Camie have you read one of the theories on the Living Room board?

That Vincent the dog is somehow the spy for the others :laughing:

I always thought we underestimated that dog...

Haha it didn't say that did it??

I do think one of them is a spy though although I think they would of changed after the crashed becasue everyone there was on the flight.

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He was there every time Shannon saw spooky Walt and led her to him (but that's prolly more to do with Vincent's connection with Walt imo) - there's also something about apparently being able to see the tops of his ears in the grass just before Arzt blew up. The same ears that apparently "have the numbers tattooed on them".

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more connections

season 1 jin get given the dog... On the tv in the background Hurley is being put in a police car on the news

Walt wont be reappearing till season 3 (There's major aggro at the moment with him growing up in real life well faster than the plot the plot 50days real life well this is its second year isnt it and he is a young lad).....

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