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When did drakes close?

Guest Bob

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We never went that far because we all ran out of energy... Not sure what they would do to be honest given that place was a big giant leaky bucket and there just wasn't enough fingers to plug the holes.


1/Huge amount of capital to buy the building and leave enough left over to renovate etc...

2/Mother of a business plan.

3/A sympathetic brewer

4/Fairy godmother

5/Staff that don't drink (boring)

6/A few other venues to close down (not desired)

7/A dodgy money making sideline to sustain the cash flow

8/Management that love music and managing (see Drummonds and the Moorings, yes there are others but that two stand out for me)

9/Room for another 50 peeps

10/Change of license from entertainment to pub (the difference of about 11g a year, the killer blows)

11/Punters that drink too much (Oh, we had them), more of them

12/A population explosion of around 50,000

I need to stop thinking about that bleedin place and move on... But I loved her soooooo, she was the one for me but she left and I have never heard from her since. I need closure...:D:laughing:;)

That was fun!!!!!

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Other way round Sir... An entertainments license is in effect a nightclub license and allows the late openings but comes with extortionate insurance premiums regardless of the size of your pokey wee hovel. I had quotes for full comp in the region of £22.000 P/A for Drakes.

A pub license is just that, only open to a particular earlyish hour and no 'dancing' and I had quotes for that of around... wait fir it... £600 P/A. The landlord wouldn't budge on the license hence, in part, no more Drakes (over simplified). Mind you it was worth him hanging onto the license as he sold the place for a right royal mint really quick after we moved out.:laughing:


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Thank you for the insight :)

And yeah, after taking a quick look on a certain property website, I see what you mean about the quick sale :laughing:

I'm amazed at the difference in premiums, but at the same time, I'm not really surprised.

Just running through some very simple maths in my head, it must've been a hell of a battle with all those things that you've mentioned.

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i miss drakes like hell

but at the same time the (sad) closure has helped promoters spread their wings and bring better/bigger acts to aberdeen with better responses and awareness

look at RFR. 3 years ago ross was doing underground transmission. he then went on to put aberdeen on the "majors" touring map

interesting music promotions have gone on to bring some *amazing* and established acts that they wouldnt have had the chance to before

and not to blow the arkade trumpet, but i think we make a better job of promoting our shows now, we are getting bands that were never dreamed of and we are really enjoying putting on the right show in the right place.

time and time again we(and IMP) are told that aberdeen has been the best night of the tour by far!!

somewhere like drakes would be great, but it would need to be at the expense of other venues :(

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beautiful sentiments. is ca$ino dead yet? i haven't seen him for many moons.

I saw him in Kilau with other smartly dressed people. A tear in my eye, I realised he's returned to the home we plucked him from originally. Now he's reintegrated, accepted back in to the ranks of his pack, and I'm sure we're just a passing memory in his once again feral mind.

(He said hello).

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Guest She-Wolf

I havent seen Nick for ages either, I hope he is ok. Last time I saw him was in Exodus where he was drinking from a bottle of wine still in plastic carrier bag. Gotta love Seth.

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