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Foyerlive 5th Birthday. Friday The Second.

Lexicon Devil

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So then, who was there and what did you think?

I thought it was a great night, very busy.

We [Ruinous] could have played better, but it's all about getting used to the stage as opposed to the practice room, which will of course come very soon. It was great showcasing some of our new tunes.

Critique is more than welcomed, as we need to get some honest feedback! I'll promise not to be a total cunt.

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Yeh whole night was a great success. I enjoyed our set (Schmuk) a lot, great audience. I only heard Ruinous in sound check but - although not quite my "cup of tea" - sounded very good at what they did. How many gigs have you played anyway? The Exctract were a lot better than i had anticipated. I thought they were definitely the best band to start the show and get everyone in the mood. I didn't hear much of My Downfall as i was getting ready for our set, but there fan base says it all. Look forward to hearing everyone else's thought on the night.

I think i can talk for everyone when i say thank you very much to Dave and the Foyer posse for organising such a great event abd I look forward to the next Foyerlive event. Cheers

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Guest Startex


It was an ace night. Thanks for the whole team and the bands who played. Watch this space for details on the next one! :rockon:

Did somebody mention a day of free music industry workshops? When, where and what? Pray tell! :help:

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