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hahahahahahaha yeh cause thats what they are going for...sympathy.

I hope you win it as well guys' date=' look at last years winners and look where they are now.[/quote']

yeah, uhm...so who were last years winners?

and yes, sympathy, thats what we want. hmm.

playing with stayover, mmw, and weeping jesus....we need all the help we can get.

:rockon: pfff

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when i started this thread it was just so i could kick back and watch the keyboard monkeys clamber to be first to rip it to shreds, they came forth. not in as great numbers as i thought but they didnt let me down.

can anyone help me out and throw down some ideas on the categories>?

s.o.m are the kind of band that go on stage wrecked and play better that way than if they were sober.

'so what if we fuck up, we're not gonna be the first band to ever do it'. :rockon:

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Guest Fright Night

god dam ZeromiserY just wants an ass kicking. why would you slag your own band, are your other members happy with what your saying?

what an ass hole.

you guys wont get anywere like that.


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I would like to see a new category for 'Best Animal in a Band'. I'd vote for Richard the Dancing Gorilla from the Holy Folks' date=' but I'm sure there could be plenty of other nominations............[/quote']

I HEAR THAT! if there was a 'Best Animal in Band' category surly Stayover would win it for milner - RAAR! he's a sexy beast!

as for you Statue of Misery...we're playing during the day of the charity gig on sunday and i'll be sticking around to see if you deserve my worst band vote - because my heart is set on 'Rickys one man band' to win worst band!


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