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Celebrity Face Matcher Thing

Swingin' Ryan

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Not sure if this has been posted before, but it's pretty entertaining.

Basically you upload a photo of yourself and uses some face recognition programme to tell you what celebrities you look like.

According to this thing, I'm some kind of sick hybrid of J.K Rowling and Anthony Kiedis from The Chili Peppers.

I also got a 57% match with Johnny Depp which I was pretty happy about, but it was then ruined by a 58% match with chess lunatic Bobby Fischer.

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Hlarious! The celebrity I look like most (50%) is Liza Minelli!!!! But Mick Jagger is 49%...!

I also got -

Roman Abramovich

Abraham Lincoln (which is where I'm from - spooky)

Michael Moore (yikes)

and Gillian Anderson!

Then running another photo (where I'm obviously looking far more alluring) I got -

Cameron Diaz (65%!!)

Hilary Duff (65%)

Christina Ricci (63% - yowza - I touch myself and all that)

Viggo Mortensen

John Malkovich

Audrey Tatou

Enya (!!!)


Liza Minelli

Gillian Anderson.

The Liza Minelli thing is scaring me now...

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Hmm i apparently look like 54% Guy Pearce, 52% Thomas Klestil, 50% Gilles Villeneuve, 49% Ruud van Nistelrooy, 48% Stanley Kubrick, 48% Anna Kournikova, 46% Robert Palmer, 44% Matt LeBlanc, 41% Danny DeVito and 41% Orlando Bloom.

Oddly enough with all those "beautiful people" in there, i was most pleased about looking like Danny DeVito :D

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