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GRANITE EMCEES your Feedback Please

Drew DigiTek

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Whats Up jsut want to ask you all to check out A Promo we have going around, Its a FREE cd we have done and its a 15 minute 14 track sampler featuring Granite Emcees and Solo Material from Granite Emcees artists. We Pressed for promotion around our city which is Aberdeen.

I have uploaded the FULL cd as ONE MP3 so just ONE DOWNLOAD and you have the full thing

Its main purpose was to promote the EP which we are releasing in JANUARY called "Forever and a Day" which is an 8 track ep.


for more info check out www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk

To Download the 15 min sampler


is the Direct link


PLEASE DONT SLEEP ON THIS give it a listen you WONT be dissapointed ! and please The Promo is to promote us so tell everyone to download it and GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK !!

GUEST BOOK AT : www.GraniteEmcees.co.uk Pleas give us your thoughts and Opinions





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The Other Mcs are Granite Emcees (Chino, Independant and Ekizel) and on two of the SOlo tracks on the Promo there is Reflections Ekizel feat. WEST and The Sciences Ekizel feat. VERSEONE.

Yeah still working with Kamoto he does the Reflections beat and the outrw beat on the Promo mix

cheers for teh feedback glad you liked it

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Overall its pretty good. The quality of the recordings are generally good, and the delivery and definition is clear.

Two things I didn't like:

Felt it lacked attitude - musically and in the delivery of the vocals - I was expecting something with a bit more edge and a bit more grit to the beats.

I really had a problem with the strong accents, and I realise I'll get shot down for this, but it sounded too like the Proclaimers MC'ing

I'd be interested to hear the EP when its available

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