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Tony Hawk on CSI last night


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did any one see it?

quite funny, taking the piss out of his own company / lifestyle...

I wonder if we'll see more of him acting, as his knees cease up...

still, fucking amazing for a 3(6, 7?) year old to be doing mcTwists and shit...

also, has anyone seen the Danny Way Advert for Sky One ?....holy shit, thats some amazing skating.

just checked his site, and the great wall of china jump..is insane too


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Is that the film with Christian Slater? Thats an absolute gem' date=' doesn't Mr hawk play a pizza guy or some such?

And I seem to remember a particularly cheesy tagline, like "when getting means you have to risk it all"[/quote']

Yeah thats the one....classic....Hawk and his Pizza Hut van.....and i always wanted an underground bedroom with a skateramp in it after that movie....good days those were....

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