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Anybody going to the locust tonight?

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

my 2 cents:

excellent venue, really intimate performance - must have been about 250 folk there, all behind me like wankers. I missed the first 2 bands which pissed me off, purely because I got the stage times wrong.

The locust's performance was mind blowing: didn't say one word the crowd during the whole set, and the timing of the songs was delightfully fucked up - some of the slow parts just got slower and slower until they were just crawling along, then straight into the most precise blasts I have ever heard. The moog noise was sickening - Karam was running a Micro and a Multi through a massive modular system which must have cost fucking thousands. Couple this with the delays and synth pedal s amongst other things that JP and Bobby were using and it added up to a wall of earth shattering sounds. I also noticed that Bobby the guitarist was using some weird fucked up like metallic rock thing instead of a plectrum during the feedback parts of SSBL - any idea what the fuck it was? it seemed to be warping the phase of the feedback which made for some interesting results.

One thing i just don't get is how in tune these guys are with one another. You have 30 seconds of feedback/synth/delay interrupted by a single muted cymbal crash...straight back into the feedback...a little riff...feedback. When they are doing this they make no eye contact - they don't even move for fuck's sake. serbian doesn't click in, there's no count in or anything. I just don't get how they can be so confident and strike a rythmn or a tiny beat in complete unison...unless they have earpieces underneath the suits? I might also add that Gabe looks mean as fuck when he strips from his top but leaves the balaclava on. like an executioner.

all in all, an amazing night - perfectly finished by me getting Karam's set list and briefly meeting Gabe.

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