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Deal or No Deal?


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Does anyone else watch this on TV?

its on Channel 4 at 4:15 and is presented by Noel Edmonds.

Theres 22 boxes and the money inside ranges from 1p to 250,000 pounds and one of the 22 contestants has to select the boxes so many at a time before the "banker" offers them a certain amount of money to buy the box the contestant owns. Its kinda hard to explain but its really not too bad... one of the better game shows that are one these days...

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one of the better game shows that are one these days...

I accidentally stumbled accross this the other day, and I couldn't believe my eyes...

is it 1 hour long ? as when I was flicking around, and kept coming back to it, it was still on, with the same girl saying 3 numbers...

it's the worst "gameshow" i've ever seen...no skill, nothing just edmonds prancing around like a twat, as usual, trying to make a guessing game exciting...

99% of TV is shit, and it's just gone to 99.1%

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Good grief. This is a thread about a daytime game show featuring Noel Edmonds. I would have bet any money that it couldn't get less cool than that, and then...

Although interstingly (for me anyway :p) all this week' date=' the lead singer from Marillion, Steve Hogarth's mother is taking part, sporting a Marillion t-shirt, she apparently does get her shot and wins some cash :)



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its fucking ace ! ive never watched it to the end though as i always have to dash off to work.

is there really a person on the phone to Noel? if there is' date=' then that banker has some cheek half the stuff he comes out with.[/quote']

I thought there wasn't, due to the way Noel handled himself on the phone, and also the phone cord appears to be a rope... But on Richard and Judy he said there was an actual banker on the phone, working out probabilities of what they could win, which is how he works out how much to offer to them. I was still skeptical though until I saw him give the phone to a contestant. It would be better if the banker came up on screen. Perhaps a la Countdown, they could have a celebrity banker on screen each week.

Anyway, the program was made by the same people who bring us Big Brother, "Fool around with..." and the new "Space Cadets". Endemol are practically the only programme makers Channel 4 works with these days.

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