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RFR Promotions Events Currently Onsale.


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Tickets from One-Up, FOPP, The Bassment or www.seetickets.com.



My Minds Weapon, Enter Shikari, Flood of Red, At Long Last & The Shotgun Love Affair Sunday 27th November 7PM - 5 adv

Viking Skull, McQueen & Black Atom Saturday 3rd December 7PM - 6 adv

The Quireboys + Support Thursday 8th December 7.30PM 10 adv

Himsa, 3 Inches of Blood & We Shall Be Blessed Saturday 10th December 7PM - 9 adv

The Juliana Theory, Haste The Day + support Wednesday 11th January 7PM - 8 adv

Electric Eel Shock + Support Sunday 15th January 7.30PM - 6 adv

Terror, The Blacklisted, Donny Brook & Today We Fight! Monday 23rd January 7PM- 8 adv

The Noisettes Saturday 28th January 7PM - 5 adv

The Rakes (DFC) Thursday 9th February 7.30PM

Infadels Monday 13th February 7PM

Delays Wednesday 22nd February 7PM - 10 adv

The Tunnels

Stapleton, Genevieve plus Support Friday 2nd December 7.30PM - 5 adv

Adzuki Sunday 15th January 7.30PM - 5 adv

The Prize Fight Tuesday 24th January - 7.30PM - 5 adv

Jeniferever Monday 6th February 7.30PM - 5 adv

Hundred Reasons Friday 24th February 7.30PM - 8 adv

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