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Bob Dylan...Whats the best album to get?

The Lizard King

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in my opinion, the albums you have already are the best dylan you're gonna get!

i cant praise blonde on blonde highly enough!!! it is truuuuuuuuly magnificent!

i can never remember which year each album came out either, but, i quite like "Desire", its by no means outstanding but its quite nice!

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john wesley harding 1967

nashville skyline 1969

the basement tapes 1975

desire 1976

biograph 1985

the bootleg series volumes 1-3 boxset 1991

time out of mind 1997

live 1966 1998

of course that's not the only ones you can get' date=' but i think they would be the best ones.[/quote']

oohhhh, helpful, im so crap with dates

basement tapes is goooooood

time out of mind is pretty alright too, for his more modern stuff

nashville skyline however..........girl from the north country featuring johnny cash...is GASH!

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I agree whole heartedly. Modern Times is a real grower... sweet to listen to on the road, and nicely varied. Slow Train Coming is a pretty cool choice too.

I'd still say Pre-Highway 61 stuff is the finest though. Also, if anyone doesn't in fact own it yet, buy the No Direction Home dvd right away. Amazing film, and there's 2 discs worth of Scorsese picture so it's damn good value.

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modern times gets better with every listen.

up to Blonde On Blonde is his best run of albums imo, but i was making a list of my favourite dylan songs a while back, and by far most of them were from 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

hows this for a run of consecutive albums though, i doubt anyone has ever even came close to toppling this, and never will:


Times They Are A' Changing

Another Side of Bob Dylan

Bringing It All Back Home

Highway 61

Blonde on Blonde

......John Welsey Harding ?(not sure if it has bonafide classic status like the previous 6)

Oh! and about 2 albums worth of unreleased material in that period that most artists would KILL to have written.

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Street Legal

Slow Train Coming

Bootleg Series 1-3

Time out of Mind

Bootleg Series 6 (?) - Live in 1966

Biograph has some interesting things on it but I find it's a bit hard going in places.

and that Essential... compilation thing with Blind Willie McTell & Things have Changed I saw cheap somewhere and is worth it for those two tracks...

Infidels and Oh Mercy leave me cold.

And as for Live at Budokan, well just say I'm sorry I mentioned it.

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if anyone is after a bargain then FOPP has "Bob Dylan", "The Freewheelin'..." and "John Wesley Harding" for 3 quid each.

(top of the stairs to the right of the till).

they also had 'blonde on blonde' for 3 and now have his debut for the same price.

UK tour on sale now, Dylan fans, SECC 11th April.

i wish he'd play somewhere else other than the secc. :(

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