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The Ghost Of Fudge

Your favourite track(s) off off our new ep FEAR STALKS THE CITY?

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Wall Of Skin:headbang:

true rawk n roll

Deadloss just released a new EP. i'm sure you can read about the details elsewhere...

to pass a brief moment of your life' date=' vote for te tracks you though stood out. this poll has no purpose, other than to clutter up bandwidth.[/quote']

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I voted. I now have kill set to play in its entirety whenever I get a text which is cool for me but pity the fools I share an office with if I leave my phone unattended on my desk and a text comes through. I just about drove poor Craigy insane last night when I left my phone in the living room and went to Morrisons. Poor baldy cunt was convinced he'd started hearing Deadloss songs in his mind.

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