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It is with some regret...

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...that we must inform you that The Good for Nothing? Collective will no longer be putting on regular gigs on the 3rd Saturday of each month at The Moorings Bar. This was entirely GFN?C's decision and I'll leave it for Kirk to explain the reasons (if he wants to). I'd like to stress that there has not been a fallout, and the GFN?C are still likely to put on the odd gig at The Moorings from time to time.

I'd also like to thank Kirk and the gang for all the hard work they've done throughout the past 2 years. We've have many good nights together. We wish them all the best.

The December gig will be the last of the regular gigs, and this will proceed as scheduled.

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Cheers Flash. Yep, this is no falling out between us and the Moorings. In fact I've been spending way too much time drinking there of lately that my college work has suffered. The fact is I only book touring bands that I really enjoy. However, it has lately been proving difficult to get the bands I want on the specific night which I do once a month, and with college and work, and the other billion things I've been doing, there has been less time for doing gigs. Especially if it means that I end up putting a line-up on for the sake of it. Another factor is that Flash wants to see a variety of styles of bands at the venue, which is completely understandable. However, I don't feel like GFN? is really upto the task, as our (particuarly my) interests lie within punk, metal and hardcore and we can't promote other kinds of shows as well.

Last shows will be:

December 17th: Certain Death, Atomgevitter, Element 106 (and one band TBC)

December 23rd: King Liar & The Brutes (Moorings Bar in association with GFN?)

Massive thanks to Flash for all the help and support he has given GFN? and for giving us the opportunity of this regular night way back in March 2004 (seems so long ago now). We've had tons of great gigs here (The Great Deceiver, Rentokill, Fireapple Red, The Freaks Union, Howards Alias etc) and hopefully we will still have the occasional night here in future.

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