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Acoustic Ladyland @ LemonTree 6th Dec

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Acoustic Ladyland @ LemonTree:

6th December 2005

Support: Project: Ven-Hell

Tickets: 12 (8 regulars and concessions)

Doors: 7.30pm

Acoustic Ladyland: Blog Nicked from Lemontree magazine:

Acoustic Ladyland are the most exciting new British jazz group to emerge in years. Already with a solid following among jazz cognoscenti, they also attract a wider audience that is as in tune with The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand or The YeahYeahYeahs as it is Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Ornette Coleman or Monk. The band have been developing their sound over the last four years, drawing from these and older influences such as Hendrix, Led Zep, Captain Beefheart and Gang Of Four.

Following a fantastic gig here in june, and sister band Polar Bear's Mercury Nomination, this is set to be a very hot ticket.

Project: Ven-Hell: Quotes from various sources:

"These guys come at you like theyre chasing you with a pointed stick, making you dress up in clothes youd never wear and send you home crying to your momma."


"Like the sound of a thousand hammers smashing 996 glass bottles while the four remaing hammers with no bottles to smash start a band. Those four little hammers are Project Ven-hell. Think lightning bolt, oxes, blood brothers and you'd be in the right ball park."


"A very noisy band."


Listen to Acoustic Ladyland @ www.acousticladyland.com

Listen to PVH @ www.myspace.com/projectvenhell or visit us @ www.valentinebitch.co.uk

Hope to see some people there.


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