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I was just wondering where on your site can we do some self-promotion. I am an artist from Toronto, Canada. (talented guitarist/songwriter)

I've Finally finished my CD/DVD and would like some Constructive energy behind it. I'm using my own custom built guitar/pickup,which allows me to play multi guitar parts all at the same time. (you need to see it to fully understand)It's like advancing stanley Jordans technique of tapping and bringing it into a melodic rock music.

We've recently launched a website. You can download some video and mp3 samples of EVOLUTION at:


My suggestions for videos are:

Light Years - Complex independent harmonies played at same time.

Violins - solo ballad

Caffeine - snippet if you like super fast guitar playing.

Ventura's cover - Multi notes & harmonics played with distortion at same time.

Performances of chopin Op66 & bach invention 13 done on a regular 6 string Electric guitar will also be posted in the new year.

My favorite vocal tunes are:

All Eyes

All The Rage

Two Minutes

& Parachute

Thank you

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