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ian quik

Cheap pc for sale -

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good points!...

- celeron 600mhz,

- 320 RAM,

- 4ish GB HD,

- integrated graphics, intel 810 chipset.

- dvd/cdrom,

- floppy drive

- modem, network card

- standard ports (2x usb)

- clean install of windows 98 (note : no software/cds included, but has liscense sticker)

- mouse, keyboard, 17" monitor, modem cable, power supply leads x2

bad points...

- Couldnt find correct driver for integrated sound, so no sound at the moment, but it would work if you find the driver obviously, has appropriate output/input sound ports.

- No AGP slot, so your stuck with the integrated graphics im afraid (they aint that bad... plays wolfET quite well (note: i left it installed :up: ))


not looking for much at all, just sitting on the floor in my room! someone chucks me a semi reasonable offer and its sold heh. :cheers:

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oh come on! theres a 17" monitor in there!

you could use it for parts, 256 RAM chip, rip out the dvd player perhaps?!

30 quid.... pssssht. changing to "serious offers only plz"

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Guest pop-notmyface
getting there :up:

the absolute highest i'd give is 60. nothing more. becauase it really isn't worth it... and if you think i'm kidding, get a quote from CC, they will give you even less! bastards.

on e-bay, a base celeron goes for with 1.3GHZ for 59

while the 600MHZ goes for 33.

NOW imagine what CC would give you... (about 20 if you're lucky)


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