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Frank Turner (ex-Million Dead) at the Tunnels


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Some random girl kept giving me glasses of water though' date=' no idea who she was...:p[/quote']

some random girl handed me a glass of what smelt like vodka, jd and coke, then wandered off...was waaaay random

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yeah' date=' how anyone could put up with shit like that is beyond me...though i bet he enjoyed a nice beer afterwards :p[/quote']

4 tennents, 2 bottles of vodka, 1 bottle of whiskey, and a bottle of jd if im not mistaken :up:

though he has my mate stevo to thank for most of that...

did you drink it?

...who am i kidding' date=' of course you drank it


actually i didnt:down: smelled minging

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awww it was a brilliant night! but school in the morning = not fun...

thanks to everyone who came down and made it so much fun!

just a reminder that if you didn't get one of frank's demos and want one - they're just 3 and you can buy them at www.myspace.com/frankturner or www.frank-turner.com

and that mistakes in animation will be playing with the fez on april 18th at the tunnels!

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yesh, ill have to get me a demo!

im getting used to school in the morning after gigs now...4 hours sleep is more than sufficient. Tho school after drinking is the worst...hangovers and prelims are not a good combination...trust me...! :up:

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Just to say, I'll also be sending up a few copies of my demo to One Up in Aberdeen so you can pick up a copy there in a week or so's time. I can't remember what I drank, but it was at least 4 pints of Tennents and 6 Tia Maria & Oranges... Oh, and a shot of Jaegermeister. How I woke up without a hangover is beyond me.


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